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A/C and Heater at Jersey Village Automotive

Keep your ride comfortable no matter the season with Jersey Village Automotive’s professional A/C and Heater services. Whether you need a routine check, a complex repair, or a full system overhaul, our team uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure your vehicle’s climate control systems are running efficiently and effectively.

What Does A/C and Heater Service Include?

Benefits of Regular A/C and Heater Services

  • Comfort: Regular maintenance ensures your vehicle’s cabin temperature is comfortable throughout the year.
  • Efficiency: Properly functioning systems use less energy, preserving fuel economy and saving you money.
  • Air Quality: Regular filter changes and system cleanings improve the air quality inside your vehicle, which is especially beneficial for allergy sufferers.


We recommend checking your A/C and heater at least once a year, ideally before the start of the summer or winter season. This helps ensure they are functioning correctly and efficiently when you need them most.

Signs to watch for include insufficient cooling or heating, strange noises when the system is running, a musty smell coming from the vents, and your windshield taking longer to defog.

A bad smell when the A/C is on usually indicates mold or mildew growth within the system. Cleaning the system and replacing the cabin air filter can typically resolve this issue.